A great part of this challenge for me, is taking the time to treat my body right.

That's been difficult these last three days, with our air conditioner breaking. Now the news that there is no quick fix, and we need a whole new system just makes life that bit more stressful. I spent four hours yesterday obtaining window and portable units and installing them, just to tide us over for the week or so until we can have a new air conditioner installed. And an hour this morning, taping off areas of the house, so that the units we now have can cool just limited zones.

But, I ate only good foods yesterday! And drank enough water. Small steps, small steps. I will take them.

Weight this morning, 211.

Plan for today- Breakfast- leftover chicken, tomato and cucumber salad. Lunch- soup and salad and a slice of turkey/veal terrine. Dinner- pork chops, kale, cauliflower, and beets. Plenty of water.

Hopes- twenty minutes of walking and stretching.