Well, if we're going to start things off open and honest, I would say I shit the bed a little bed yesterday evening. Got home and wanted to ravage my fridge at dinner time. Ended up picking heavily at the dinner I made for the kids (rice & ham sausage) and had a pita sandwich. Not the worst thing I could have done but I need to work on controlling "the crazies". Didn't get BodyCombat in last night/this morning but not overly upset with myself. I did manage to get my 10k steps in for the day. The little star in my Fitbit app always makes me happy.

I definitely left work feeling like garbage by the end of the day - headache, tired, crabby. I'm thinking that could have been from the lack of caffeine. Not a coffee drinker but I had a can of diet pepsi when I got home.

Woke up this morning, felt decent. A little tired but I did still go to bed a little later than I *should*. A little less bloaty than I've been feeling - that was superdeeduper. Popped the diet pepsi first thing in the morning. Going to see if it helps with the achiness of the head by doing it in the morning vs waiting until the evening.

Drank my berry/spinach/almond milk concoction again today. It seemed a little rougher than yesterday. I was really forcing the last few sips - who am I kidding, "chugs" not "sips".

Decided to say eff it and jumped into the Transformer game that started today.

I didn't hit any of my yesterday goals. Not going to kick myself in the ass too hard about it. It's day 2. I had a .2 lb loss on the scale from what I've been averaging these days. I did very good through the majority of the day. Take the wins Val...take the wins.



- Cook the ground chicken I have in the fridge so I can have that handy for dinner instead of seagulling at the kids food. (I like to make up my own words.)

- BodyCombat. I love that shit.

- Setup a Transformer tracker. (Big calendar w/dates, my last one was AWESOME.)

- Get my hands on a bar of dark chocolate, it used to help control the crazies.