Excited to weigh myself every morning, I wake up early even on my days off. This morning was no different. As I drink my coffee, I review in my head all the healthy choices I made yesterday. Veggies? check! Low carbs? eh, sort of. Ate a hot dog, but I logged it and was still under my calorie count. Go me! No candy for day four in a row, thank you very much. I even went to the gym after an 11 hour work day! I'm amazed my arm is long enough to pat myself on the back.

Yep, it's going to be a good day; the scale will tell me so.

I weight myself. Naked. After I use the restroom, because a full bladder weighs more than an empty one. What? What is this I see? Another 6 oz. lost?


No, that is not what I see. I see nearly a pound GIANED. What the heck?! This has to be wrong. I re-weigh myself with the same results. Snap and holy cow, what is wrong with this picture?! See! I knew my thyroid was jacked up and that's why I'm fat! I can't even lose weight when I eat right!! I can almost hear the click of the tape recorder that's about to start playing the Failure recordings . . . in 3 . . .2 . . .

Nope. Not today Negitive Self Image! Today I will remember that this is why it's not wise to weigh yourself every, single day. It is normal to flecuate. Today, I will remember that sometimes, when we start working out inflammation happens and causes fluid to gather and yes, it is real and yes, it can be reflected in the scale. Today, I will remember that my healthy choices are the success I am striving for and that they will add up and bring the results I am looking for. I will still go to the gym and build muscle, strength and confidence in my ability to be there and use all the equipment! Today, I will be Super Bonne!