Dear All,

Im so happy because I have been able to have a very short "window" of eating today. had breakfast at about 11am and lunch at 1pm, then some carrot sticks and hummus around 4.30pm. therefore a 5 1/2 hour eating window, which is excellent for me.

This seems to be the best strategy for me to lose weight, as doing low carb alone does not stop me from maintaining or even gaining weight (baisically because I eat too much and end up eating too many carbs or protien, which your body then processes into glucose if you over do it)


so tomorrrow I will try to fast until around 12 pm, and then have a 5 hour eating window, involving 2 main meals and an optional snack, and see how this goes.

If this fasting malarkey has ever worked for you please do let me know, or if you are a low carb guru