By the skin of my teeth, I won my first 3 Kickstarters. I really thought I sabotaged myself at my friend's 40th birthday party/wine tasting on Saturday, but I managed to get below goal by the end of the weigh-in period by eating low carb, low calorie, and drinking lots of water. *whew*

I'm excited to be able to give most of what I made above my original bet to charity. I originally chose the Massachusetts Audubon Society, but given recent happenings on the political front, I think I'm going to donate it to either the NAACP, or give more to the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, or the Southern Poverty Law Center. Haven't decided yet.

I also feel like I made it to my first goal too quickly and easily to really reward myself with something just yet, so I'm rethinking the goals I laid out in my first post. New goals:

  • 275 pounds - Cleaning service to clean my house
  • 250 pounds - New workout clothes (and I'll begin lifting weights and running again - right now I'm carrying so much weight that I get winded just walking up the stairs and it would be very difficult for me to run and lift)
  • 235 pounds - Haircut and color (I want silver-blue ombre hair with an undercut, but we'll see what I actually end up getting) :)
  • 215 pounds - Cute new clothes!
  • 200 pounds - Start planning a trip to Europe!
  • 185 pounds - Spa day :)
  • 170 pounds - GOAL! New tattoo!!!