I'd been in a plateau basically since April/May of this year, just losing and gaining the same 3 pounds over and over again.  Then in September my husband of 8 years that I've been with for 16 years told me he wants a divorce.  

I'd known that he was depressed and more so than any other time that I've seen.  It's been a slow, but steady, withdrawal into himself.  I thought he needed more time and that eventually he'd be ready to seek help and work on getting better.  He decided he needed to work on himself by himself, without dragging me through it and without feeling guilty about me.  It's been rough.

The tools I've learned in losing weight has definitely helped me to manage my own mental health.  Still, the old emotional eating habits have come back hard.  Those binges can be the start of a downward spiral that take a while to come back from.  Combined with the holiday season and I know that this is a dangerous time for me weight wise.  I'm up in pounds, though I'm honestly surprised that it's not more.

That's why I'm back here, joining another Kickstarter, and trying to focus on myself.  I need to be healthy and happy with myself.  There are a lot of things that are out of my control, but my health isn't one of them.