The New Years game has some new incentives:

This New Years Kickstarter is going to offer the most incentives of any game I've ever hosted before to help motivate everyone to reach their weight loss resolution. Check it out!

 **FIVE winners will be randomly selected to a $105 Amazon gift card in addition to their winnings from the pot!

 **ALL PLAYERS will be put daily drawing for a $10 Amazon gift card!

 **21 Bonus for the first 21 players to sign up, when they win!

 Here are the updates I just added:

 **Anyone who signs up that has played in one of my games before will get a BONUS $5 Amazon gift card, when they win! No matter when you sign up.        


 **A $95 Amazon gift card will go to the person who invites the most friends that join. (Be sure to use the "invite your friends" button on the game page to get credit for it).

 Click here to join *HEALTHY NEW YEAR*