So this morning I woke up to no power and a freezing house.  Needless to say without any electricity, I didnt get my pictures taken early like I wanted and also had to cancel my Christmas party.  Well, now that my power is back on, my pictures have been taken, submitted and verified, I can breathe a sigh of relief.  I knew this was going to be a tough month with all the treats my patients bring in and all the parties and celebrations going on.  I have given in to temptation more than I'd like to admit and havent stuck to my workouts like I should have.  Somehow I managed to still lose the weight but I'm a little concerned that I'm not seeing as much of a change in my progress photos as I'd like.  My fear is that I could be losing muscle which I definitely do not want.  So I'm going to change up my workouts and concentrate more on weights and less on cardio.  Also, plan to drink more water and less coffee/soda.  More meal prepping and less eating out with an occasional cheat meal instead of a cheat day or (God forbid) cheat weekend.  Also, I've been really bad about getting on here to update and weigh in this month.  Hoping to change that as well.