My weight loss journey started about eight or nine years ago. I had jumped on the scale and found myself staring at 320 pounds. It hurt, it hurt deeply. I was so disappointed in myself. Even after seeing the scale, I was in denial. I ran away and hid from the issue. I kept running from the issue for about six more months and I didn't step on another scale because I couldn’t imagine how many more pounds I had gained. Then... I came out in a picture, the picture on the right side of my profile picture. Again, I was in utter shock and disappointment. I thought to myself, "This is not healthy, how did I let myself get here?"

I had always struggled with being a big person. When I was little, I was always fairly tall, thus adding to my weight. However, my weight issues became a problem when I was about seven or eight years old. I wanted to play pop warner/tackle football. Since I was tall and yea, a bit husky, I had to play with the older kids to play within my weight range. My first game, we got weighed in, and I was told I couldn’t play; I was too heavy. After the game, when treats and snacks were passed around, I wasn't allowed to have any. There I was, a seven year old, watching my teammates eat away at some delicious snacks, and all I received was a solid NO.

So the diets began. Yup, in the second grade. The diets would vary from weight loss pills, laxative drinks, and even drinking asparagus juice out of the can. This cycle continued from the second grade up until the fifth. By the fifth grade I was definitely too tall and heavy to play with the kids my age, so I had to wait until I could play again in high school. It hurt, I loved football.

My diet plans would go in cycles, and always during the course of football season. During practice, I would have to run laps with a plastic bag over me. On game days, I couldn’t eat the morning of a game to ensure I would make my weight; I remember my reward was bag of lucky charms after I made weight. I would start in August and end in October. Throughout the year, I was still under moderate restrictions. However, during winter and summer break, I would go to Mexico for vacation. In Mexico, I was able to eat whatever I wanted, no restrictions. So, I did what any kid would do, go crazy on food and eat my feelings. But then, my grandpa in Mexico became diabetic. First he lost a toe, then the leg. Then he lost the other toe, and the other leg. I was very active in helping my grandpa: changing his urinal containers, taking him to the restroom, bathing, clothing him, putting on his prosthetics, and even changing his diapers. Yup, there I was helping my grandpa through this thinking it was normal. Then he died. Then it hit me. I can’t be like that. I have to learn from his mistakes. However, it did take me years to take initiative. But damn it, I did it, I am doing it, and I hope I can inspire and empower others to do the same.    


Join me in my journey, as I join you in yours!