I admit it.

It wasn't always an issue. For a while, I could get up without an alarm clock. I got cocky about it and declared myself "a morning person."

That was mistake number one. When will I learn that the moment I proclaim something to the universe, the universe will swiftly bitch-slap the cockiness right out of me? 

It's currently 1:26am as a write this. I purchased some melatonin today, which seems to be kicking in, just slightly. Placebo effect or not- I need someting to help get me back into an adult human sleep schedule.

So- along with food and exercise accountability- I am going to need some wake up time accountability as well.

My first goal is to be up, coffee in hand, and logged on to check in here by 9:00am. Then we'll get to all the sweating and less/healthier eating part.

Until then...

Goodnight DietBet community.