I'm starting my weight loss journey excited but nervous. In order to better track my progress, I'm going to track my measurements. Obviously the number on the scale matters in the context of this game, but when it comes to assessing my health, I've found measurements to provide a more accurate gage. Without further ado:

Neck: 14.5"

Upper Arms: 12.5

Bust: 40.5"

Underbust: 32.5"

Natural Waist: 30"

Abdomen at Belly Button: 37" :/ (This is where I've put on a tummy)

Hips: 43.5"

Thighs: 25.5"

Ring Size: 7

Chins: 1.5 ;)

When I was married just a year ago, I was about 20 pounds lighter, and my bust-waist-hip measurements were all 2-3 inches less. More than getting back to my pre-marriage weight, though, I want to get into the best shape of my life. I'm happy with my body most of the time, and I don't anticipate that I'll increase my self-love by losing weight. However, I do think it'll make me more confident to fit into my favorite clothes again, and to be looked at the way I was when I was a size 4/6. Mostly, though, I just want to beat my husband in Just Dance. We'll see. We'll see...