I submitted my 2nd weigh in and it was approved but it didn’t show up. It wasn’t even a whole pound down but I was proud of my .6 pounds lost.

My current weight only indicates the first progress weigh in. Which is fine. It is extremely doubtful that I will hit 4 percent lost because I lose weight very slowly. I’ve been on WW for one year and have lost just over 23 pounds.

I’m glad I did this challenge because it was another way to hold myself accountable. I work out daily - Barre class, Bootcamp, slowly jogging and bicycling. I just need to eat cleaner. Since January 1, I have given up pop and have been cooking at least five dinners each week using the sous vide. All that said, I could still choose healthier options...I guess we all could...or a lot of us. 

Best of luck to all!