Monday, Feb. 5, 2018

I joined Diet Bet last night and I really have no idea what to expect. I joined my first challenge, "Keep It Up - Transformer,"  (which begins tomorrow!) for the next 6 months. I also learned about the Forks Over Knives Meal Planning (check!) and I also paid for a premium LoseIt! for the year. I've got a bit of money on the line now and I can't let it all go to waste! I'm hoping to find some extra OOMPH from others here in the challenge when my motivation runs low. And I hope to be able to give it back, and then some! 

I wear a FitBit and log my hikes/runs on Strava. I used to run 5 years ago but stopped (a story for another day) and just started back up recently, though my fitness is no where near my happy place. I'm hoping to get back to that happy place this year. Scratch that! I WILL get back to my happy place! It might be at a snail's pace, but a snail's pace is better than no pace at all. If I keep at this every day, the small little improvements will snowball into an avalanche! Ha! That's what I'm betting on.

I'm a wife, mom to a 6th grader, and I cook most meals at home. It's better for me on the scale and on the pocketbook. I only run once or twice a week with groups. I'd really like to kick things up a notch and start intense home workouts at 5:00am before everyone wakes up and life happens. I will be experimenting with this every Monday through Friday. And I'm always open for suggestions!! The sweatier the option, the better!!