This is my first Transformer dietbet.  I had been doing WW for many many years and it seems to keep me in line ONLY because I don't want to be face to face with someone explaining the whereabouts of my motivation when I'm up a(nother) pound.  I got really tired of paying 44 dollars a month for that privledge.  So I quit.  And I was free of the guilt!  And my smaller-sized pants it seemed.  


I have strugged with my need to be held accountable.  Why can't I just hold myself accountable?  Why do I need the fear of facing someone's wrinkled-nose-squinty-eyed-snearing judgement(only in my head really) to motivate me?  It would seem that would be a bad reason to lose weight, because I don't want a complete stranger to know I have a peanut butter cup habit.  So what?  Why does it matter?  I shouldn't be using shame as a motivator.  That's never good long term.  With that, I am placing my accountability on the outside, which will only make me resent the person holding me accountable.  


So dietbet, the only accountability now is to myself.  If I lose money, it's my fault for not following the plan, or not participating, not dietbet.  They don't care, in fact, the other people playing, while they are always super supportive, wouldn't lose too much sleep over getting a small portion of my money.  Yet I can't stand the idea of just giving out money.  So this time, I'm betting on me! 

Here we go!!!!  You're not getting my money!!!