My name is Matt and I've been a member of the DietBetter team since February 2012. I knew our founder, Jamie Rosen, because we worked together back in the late 1990's at Jamie's first internet startup.

I'm passionate about health and fitness because I want to enjoy a high quality of life for several more decades alongside my wife and three young children. Before joining DietBetter I was working in the health club industry for 10 years. What I most enjoyed was the the enthusiasm of the fitness professionals around their desire to help people pursue healthier lives.

Starting around 2011 it was becoming clear that we were on the verge of some type of widespread wellness revolution that was going to invite all kinds of innovation in the digital health industry. That was about the time I learned that Jamie had the idea for DietBetter and was preparing to assemble a small team to figure out how to help people manage their weight by making it social, collaborative and--most importantly--FUN! The fun factor was something I saw as sorely missing from most of the fitness industry so I was immediately attracted to this opportunity.

Most of my time at DietBetter is spent building out our network of partner "game hosts"--social media influencers (bloggers, etc) who invite their fans to join a Dietbet that they lead. The most rewarding part of my experience over the last 2.5 years has been reading the thousands of supportive comments and success stories from our players. Many of them have tried all different approaches to losing weight, only to get frustrated with the lack of consistent results. It turns out that what's been missing for many of them is the social support and accountability of a community like the one we provide at DietBetter. 

Several years ago as part of an exercise with a career coach I developed my personal mission statement, "To make life more fun for those around me." By joining DietBetter I've been able to pursue that mission through my profession (as well as in my personal life, which I try to do every day). It's amazing to see how much more people can achieve when they're having fun. I hope you're having FUN on your journey to healthy living and that we at DietBetter can support you along the way.

- Matt