Around this time last year I was following up with my primary physician.  I had already seen him after a trip to the urgent care led the doctor mentioning an enlarged thyroid.  My doctor, the same doctor I have been seeing since I was a kid, had told me that it was nothing to worry about as he ordered bloodwork and an ultrasound. I sat listening as he ran through my numbers.  Everything was good, nothing abnormal.  He wrapped up and asked I had any other questions for me.  

Of course I did!  What about the ultrasound results. He had forgotten all about the ultrasound.  He needed to leave the room to review the scans.  After a few minutes the door opened and he came in.  He crouched down and stared at my neck.  "Oh come on," I whined.  He laughed and sat down.  He proceeded to draw a picture of a normal thyroid and then a picture of what my thyroid looked like.  

Doc said that it was still likely nothing to worry about.  I was healthy and young.  He refered me to a local Ear, Nose and throat doctor.  The office set the appointment up for me for early October.   It was the first time I had ever been to a specialist.