Day 1 and I've only begun to fight! 

My story is that I have been devoting this year particularly to my own health and weightloss.  I started off with a bang and lost 40 pounds in the first 60 days of the year.  Then I have been focusing on changing my eating and exercise a bit in order to not revert to past unhealthy habits...

I have succeeded in maintaining my loss for an additional 6+ months this year.   I still need to lose 70  pounds and dietbetter has helped me to lose an additional 10 lbs. with 2 added back to get me here to "Day 1" of the 6 month Transformer Dietbet 10!  I made it all day and am now ready to check in for the night.

I am gonna do this!!!  I paid my money up front and made a promise to myself to "not give up, get lazy or bored, or lose sight of my promise to self! 

THANK YOU, DIETBETTER, for doing the MATH for me and telling me exactly how much I need to lose on each step of the way!!!  It takes a load off my mind not to have to calculate the upcoming Weeks & Rounds myself.....  

And especially, thank you DIETBETTER FRIENDS for doing this with me.... I REALLY NEED TO KNOW THAT I AM NOT ALONE IN THIS JOURNEY!!!

May we all end with a "Better Diet" than we started with.... and an healthier body too!