I don't know about the rest of you, but I love Christmas time ... the lights, the decorations, the general good cheer....and unfortunately, all the yummy and fattening, calorie-filled treats!

As in recent years, our office is having "12 Days of Goodies" to celebrate the holiday season. Yes, that's 12 days of bad, unhealthy eating. This year has been no exception to the abundance of cookies, cakes, donuts, chocolates, tamales, eggrolls, nachos and so many other treats! In previous years, I've been able to control myself and walk away reasonably unscathed from the mountains of goodies set before my eyes.

This year has been another story...and the ending ain't very pretty. I've indulged and overindulged day after day after day, like I never have before. And I've done so consciously aware that I will have 12 evenings of regrets when I lay in bed at night contemplating on my day. Honestly, I feel as if I've gained back all the weight I had previously lost, and then some!

Needless to say, this challenge could not have come at a better time for me. I've been lacking motivation and willpower, but am now looking forward to working through my health issues with a wonderful group of women who have the same mindset and determination as I do.

I am hopeful that we will all gain the necessary tools for our own personal goals and growth, and that we will meet this challenge head-on!


The best of luck to you all!