Hi, my name is Jessica and I am new to Dietbet.

I am very inspired by Mama Laughlin to lose some weight! I have been packing on some pounds over the last few years and its really been making me feel down. I am not feeling like the beautiful girl I feel I was. I love sweets, I sure can admit that, I've been snacking on something {made with chocolate} almost everyday. My boyfriend and I ate out a lot at the start of our relationship in 2013, that's when I really started to notice the weight gain. I feel like stress has also been bit of a culprit, too. I can tell I need to take better care of my body, I can feel it because each morning I wake up stiff and unable to really stand up all the way, I don't think I should be feeling that way at 25 years old.

I also just purcahsed my Advocare Herbal Cleanse from Amazon, as Mama Laughlin suggested as a starting point. Should be here by Wednesday, December 31. Just in time to start the Dietbet! I'm going to have to get fresh groceries tomorrow for my first week. I need to find some recipes for clean eating.

I feel like this is the push I needed to get started and it will be great having a community of people that have the same goal.