I did Francys diet bet September of this year and lost 5% in 28 days,, I never dreamed I could do that.. I am the girl who has always been fat.  Not overweight FAT>>>  i joined a CVS healthywage challenge and did this challenge on the side.  I couldnt believe I could lost that much in 28 days..but I did.  I then continued as the CVSW challenge was 90 days and lost a total of 35 pounds.. 32 pounds was my 10%.  I then got lazy through the holidays and didnt watch at all and have gained about 10 pounds back.  Funny how easy it goes back on and how hard it is to get it back off.  I am so looking forward to getting back on track and losing 4% in the 28 days of this challenge.. I am 54 years old.  I need to get these pounds off as they are taking my life from me.  I want to live.. to really live not just exsist.  Here we go..again!!