I have so much exciting stuff happening in my life right now and I am truley blessed with all that I have. That being said I want to feel better about myself and my weight. I was where I wanted to be weight wise about 3 years ago and very active in races of many types with lots of friends. I got divorced a year ago and during the time of the seperation I fell off going to the gym as much, as my kids needed me more at home to fulfill both parenting roles. I have explained that it makes me a better mom and a much happier person to workout and now that they understand that they, are much better about letting me get that time in; however, I'm finding it hard to find that time. I have a live in boyfriend who is truely amazing and takes care of me and my girls. We workout together and support one another but we also fall off the workout wagon and jump on the junk food train together too often. We enjoy eating out and having drinks but aren't great about getting back to the workouts so the cheat meal becomes and cheat day and then cheat week and before we know it a cheat month. I start to feel my body gainng weight and feeling weighted down and tired and I know I don't like that feeling at all. So in joining 2 of my most favorite inspirational people, Chris and Heidi Powell, and their diet bet I plan to change this cycle. I have huge goals set for 2015...health and body wise it's to lose 10-15 lbs of fat and gain muscle and tone. I also want to run my 2nd marathon this year. I turn 40 in June and want to be able to say "YES THIS IS 40!!!"