Yesterday, I was good. I walked, ate small portions, included fruits and veggies, and when feeling very hungry, I made extra veggies and filled up on them. All happy and satisfied with myself, I decided to relax for a moment with a cup of tea and have a  twenty-minute  movie time.  As I was sitting down into a comfy chair, I thought I could afford a chocolate bon-bon. I pulled the jar towards  me.  One...OK, two.  Oh well, three...... not too long later, I stared at the half empty container. Where did the 10-12 pieces go? Who did it? Looking around, puzzled....I was the only there. Gosh...Me!?? .... I was thinking about Jekyll and Hyde as I was contemplating to lick my chocolate stained fingers. What to do with the rest of the treats? Throw them out, yelled the inner voice!!!! Give them to a friend! A friend!?? Rather an enemy, no?  Finally, I  heard the  more quiet voice in my head and decided to put them into the freezer and test myself whether my mind still has some power over the matter. Well, and yes, today was to be a rest day.... I ate it up yesterday in few minutes of non-realized pleasure. Now, I  have to go and sweat....Darn.