I had today off from work, so I started preparing for Dietbet.

  • Submitted my weigh-in photos
  • Bought fresh produce

I am still waiting on my herbal cleanse to get here, should be tomorrow!

Until Dietbet beings, I just wanted to share a photo of what I used to look like, I felt pretty happy with my appearance. I was vegan at the time, so I was eating fairly healthy. I also had just moved back home to Michigan from Chicago. In Chicago, I would walk miles in a day and not even realize it. I was always on the move. I was at a consistent weight of 140 lbs. for a few years, I am currently at 168 lbs. Since 2012, I have gained 28 lbs.

Dietbet is just the push I needed. I feel like there is a great comminuty of support on here and it makes it interactive and fun. I hope I can get back to looking like this or even better in the long run!