With my son so sick I can't fix what is wrong.

It's not a boo boo that I can kiss and make it go away.

Now that he understands what is wrong and why I have been trying so hard, it helps.

I can keep up with the Doctor as what I can do to help.

We could not get the medicine he needed because the insurance blocked it.

The Doctor called and said she finally got the go ahead.

I can go pick up.

What do you mean it's $437?  Are you crazy?

I can get the money together to buy it.

Are you telling me that this will be going on for months?

Okay I can do a fund raiser for the rest.

Watching him lose 34 pounds in a month is killing me.

I can find what he is allowed and make it so tasty that he will want to eat.

Having to take care of him and everything else makes it hard to go workout at the gym.

I can control what I eat.

So many things that going wrong.  Sister's financial issues, Mother's kidneys, Husband's back so bad he can't work, Hoping Gabby is not shot at her job, Jen having cancer, brother thinking suicide, Michael's panceas not working.

One thing I can do is pray.

I can control a few things.

I can let God control the rest.