So, I almost passed out on the scale.  Just a few days ago when I weighed in for my work competition, I weighed 360.  Today, my official weight is 350.7.  I guess just making a few changes over those few days is starting to pay off.  The key, for me, is to go into it a little more but not harder.  I don't want to make this a "have to" situation but a "want to" situation.  I lost 80lbs before, so I know what to do.  I also know that pushing myself so hard and hitting a wall started the downward spiral back toward 400lbs. (My weight in 2009).  No mas!

Starting slow, gearing up, resting, plenty of water and sleep for me.

Maybe later I will hit the gym or maybe I'll drink a smoothie instead and watch Breaking Bad.  All I know is just making the decision to get in these competitions (The Bert Show and My Work Competition) has made me feel lighter already!