I had a pretty good first week, down 4 pounds and 70% of the way to my Month 1 weigh in target! I didn't do great over the weekend; I was visiting with some friends and indulged more than I meant to. However, my husband and I still got a few good walks in which obviously helped toward the 4 pounds down!

Here is where I stand with my Month 1 goals after week 1:


-No soda! (so far so good)

-No booze! (I had a few drinks Fri & Saturday due to social engagements; going to try a lot harder on this one for the rest of the month)

-Track food every day on My Fitness Pal (I logged every day, the good & the bad! My username is Jennamae102, add me!)

-Continue doing C25K workouts (I've completed all 3 of the Week 1 workouts)


It wasn't perfect, but I'm pretty happy with my first week. I'm ready to have an even better week 2! I hope everyone else is feeling good and motivated as well!