I gave birth to my wonderful daughter 14 months ago. She has brought me so much joy! Sometimes I feel my heart will explode from the love I have for her. I'm sure other parents know what I'm talking about.

The only unwanted part of having her was adding a few inches to my waistline (and hips, and thighs...). I didn't put on much during my pregnancy; it was after the birth, with major hunger due in large part to breastfeeding, combined with fatigue (and therefore quick food fixes) that have made me gain weight. 

But if I'm going to be honest, while breastfeeding does make me hungrier, I think I've been hiding behind it as an excuse to eat what I want without too much thought. My "baby" is 14 months old now. She's growing and moving on to other developmental stages. While we're not quite done with the breastfeeding adventure, it is time for me to move on as well and lose the "mommy" weight.

I've only been doing the Dietbet for a couple of days but so far I love how everyone encourages each other! What a great, supportive environment! I hope it'll prove to be what I needed.