Resolve.  Willpower.  White-knuckling.  Holding my breath.  What do these things have in common?

Simply this:  They are usually followed by feelings of shame.  Failure.  Inadequacy.  Self-loathing.

Then repeating resolve:  "I will  $%&**#&)  follow my "diet" today,  %&^*#  it!" and then by about 8pm comes the "What is WRONG with me?  Why can't I DO this?  Why can't I stick to a simple plan for 24 hours?"

Followed by feelings of shame.  Failure.  Inadequacy.  Self-loathing.

When I find myself slipping into this cycle, the "diet cycle," that oscillating pattern of "Lose-Gain-Repent-Repeat" I know that I have shifted my focus OFF of creating health.

There are now TWO directions I can go.  There are TWO outcomes to this scenario.  It is kind of like being in one of those "Choose Your Own Adventure" books.  Pretend with me that you are reading one of those books right now.  Pretend this is YOUR adventure, and not MY adventure.

"To put your head in the sand, to continue on in this downward spiral of despair, defeat, self-loathing and anguish, turn to page 45."

"To make a fundamental decision for health, realize that your actions TODAY determine the direction you will go in your health, and to look FORWARD at creating health in your life and continuing to be the heroine in  your own life story, turn to page 63." 

I choose to turn to page 63.

Page 63 represents hope.  Page 63 represents my continued DECISION to move in the direction of optimal health and ultra health.

On page 63 are two sentences.  Are you ready for them?

1)  It is NEVER too late to become the person we "might have" been. - Brenda Warner
2)  First, say what it is you would be, then DO what you have to do.  - Epictetus

And so, which page will YOU choose?  Which adventure will YOU choose to live out in your own life?