I am an addict. I love food and I struggle with the diet portion of losing weight. As Americans, we are basically trained to overindulge in any and everything we want. I have struggled with my weight since I was young, but have never been as overweight as I was when I started out this last time around, back in March of 2014. I started my journey not quite a year ago. I lost about 30 lbs right away, gained 15 or so back, lost 10, gained a few, and am almost back down to my lowest since I started. The best thing is that I am back working out and I now remember how much I love it! I started playing basketball again in December and I was huffing and puffing not keeping up. I am now running up and down the court after already playing 2 hours of volleyball before I even get there! I feel so much better and like I’m in such better shape. I can’t wait to continue this journey and finally get to my goal (which btw I have never been at even when I was fit)!!!