Starting off, this is what my approach is going to be:

As far as food goes, I am not "dieting," but I am making some changes to the way I eat.  

First of all, I am completely addicted to sugar.  Especially chocolate.  So I am majorly cutting down on that and I really think this will be where most of my success comes from.   I have been drinking a lot of extra sugary calories via juice and lots of sugar/honey in my hot tea, so I'm limiting myself to 1 cup of juice per day and 3 cups of hot tea per day with only 1 teaspoon of sugar/honey in each one.  Other than this, I just drink water.  I'm not necessarily cutting out chocolate/candy/sweets, but I'm being mindful about cutting down on the amount I eat and it certainly will have to fall within my calorie limits for the day.

Second, I am trying to reduce my processed foods in general and eat more natural stuff.  Although, I don't have any hard and fast rules about this, just trying to be more mindful of it.  

Third, I'm incorporating MUFAs into my diet (sort of a variation on the Flat Belly Diet).  I did the Flat Belly Diet in the past and it worked well for me, so I think there's really something to all of those MUFAs.  Right now, I'm not sure I can really stick to the 4 (400 calorie) meals per day....but I'm trying to make sure to keep each meal roughly around 500 calories and include a MUFA in each one.  

As far as exercise/activity, my husband and I have recently started the 100 pushups program.  Although I can't actually do a "real" pushup yet, I am amazed at how much my ability to do modified push ups has increased.  Yes, I know it's laughable, but when we started this I could barely do ONE modified push up.  I have really weak arms and I really need to work on that!  But I'm amazed at the improvement I've had within just a few weeks.

I'm also making sure to do 30 crunches on my exercise ball each day.  I plan to increase this amount each week.  

My goal is to go on a walk with my baby eat least 3 times per week (daily if possible).  I'm wearing my Wii Fit Meter to try to keep track of my steps each day.  My goal for now is to average about 5000/day. I know it's still pretty low but it will be an improvement from what I've been averaging.  

So this is my start!  Will modify my plan as needed and will update!