About year ago I had to spend excessively long hours working at my desk--every day, seven days a week for about four months (about 400 hours over and above a normal 40-hour work week).  At the end of that time I could barely walk, all the joints on the left side of my body hurt, and my neck hurt so bad I literally had to hold my head in order to roll over in bed.

A year later I am happy to say that I am now feeling much, much better. My neck pain is gone, and although I still have some pain in a few joints and in my left foot, I have been able to start moving and working out again.

On the downside, I gained weight (a little over 20 pounds) and lost muscle strength to an alarming extent. Workouts that would have been a snap to do before are now a struggle to get through and I have found that I've had to dial back the intensity more than I ever expected so I can complete them. I'm also feeling very heavy emotionally, which I know is caused a great deal by the heaviness I feel in my body.

I don't know how much this plays a part in my current physical state, but I am also about a year or so into the menopause phase of my life. I watched my mother's body thicken around her middle as she went through this phase of her life, but I have also seen other women stay thin and fit during their transition. My thoughts are that there is some genetics in play, but I that I can still have a slender and fit body with a bit of consistent work.

I'm looking forward to participating in this game not only for the fun of it, but also for the added incentive that I feel it will give me to be consistent in my workouts and diet...and help me get me a little further along toward my goal of regaining my once slender and fit body and uplifted spirit.  :)