Okay, so I am super excited that I have met the 3% goal! The official weigh in on March 18 comes right after a weekend trip, so I need to stay on target until then and through the weekend trip. Historically travelling has not be kind to me as far as the scale goes! 

Things that are going well: 

I put a white board calendar downstairs in the basement where I work out and I have been crossing off the days I work out. So the first week I got 5 workouts in and this week I did 4. That helps me stay focused. Years ago I was really good at getting up early (5:30 am) and going to the gym, but I just am not a fan of that these days, but it's harder to get in a workout if I don't do it before the day begins. 

I have been avoiding carbs. The days that I had rice for lunch and dinner I was up a pound and a half. The day I ate a slice of bread I did not lose. I would love to believe that I could lose weight without strictly limiting carbs but that's just not reality for me. i have had the best success on Atkins/Paleo/Keto + Vigorous exercise. I try other approaches but they just are not that effective for me. 

It looks like I'm going to be hit with multiple projects at once at work soon, which means extended butt-in-chair time. 

The plan for this week:

1) Get 5 workouts in

2) Eat a lot of eggs, and stick to the keto plan

3) Drink a ton of water

4) Celebrate my daughers birthday w/o Cake

5) Stay busy! Get a lot done.