I first learned of DietBet in 2013 while on maternity leave.  A morning news program did a story on it -- so I decided to sign up.  I had gained 30 lb during my pregnancy and was eager to shed the weight and throw away the maternity pants.  I had a timeline with my sister's wedding that fall to motivate me.

I did great - I participated in three games and lost ~20 lb.  I fit into my old pants again.  And then I lost momentum.

I went back to work and balancing being a new mom with work and a long commute - it got to me.

I have yo-yo'd up and down - reaching 173 lb. in the fall of 2014.  Just 4 lb away from my pre-baby weight.  But not nearly as physically fit.

And over the holidays I gained 5 lb back.  

I am really good at making excuses and procrastinating.  But I have made a commitment to myself to get healthy and get back into a healthy lifestyle.

I had such a huge success with DietBet games two years ago I'm jumping back in.  I'm excited to get started!