Just some random ramblings because I am bored and my husband is stuck at work overnight.  I'm a few days away from winning (barring some inexplicable increase!) my 5th diet bet.  I did October and November, took off December for the holidays and hopped RIGHT back into it for Januray with two at a time.  Just one for February and I just joined two more for March!  I have a cruise in April, so I am extra motivated to lose a little extra before we set sail.

I just finished up a workout I found on YouTube.  Well, I did most of it.  I will probably do some hula hooping before I head to bed for the night, too, but I wanted to get at least a small something in that worked on strengthening my muscles all over.  My goal for this month is to do more muscle building workouts to augment my hooping and swimming.  I'm trying to be proactive knowing that I will soon hit that point where the weight stops coming off as quickly.

Anyways, can't think of much else to say and I've eaten all my calories today so soon will be time to head to bed!  Just going to finish up watching this Hallmark movie and drink a whole bunch more water, then to bed to possibly finish my book and get plenty of sleep.