Wow...  This is my first ever Dietbet, and I thought this day would never come. I first heard about Dietbet from my niece.  We work together, and one night at work she showed me the website. Right away I thought it was a really cool idea. But it still took me about six months to finally commit to a game. It's no surprise that the game I decided to join is being hosted by Jillian Michaels. There is something about that woman I admire. Somehow, I believe in her. I think it's because, I'd like to think that if I ever met her, she believe in me too.  She'd be that cheerleader in the corner coaching me on. She wouldn't give up on me.  And she wouldn't put up with any of my BS or excuses either - encouraging me not to settle for anything but the best me I can be. 

So so here I am...  On the eve of staring this DietBet...  Thinking about how the next month will go. I weighed in at 69.0 kg exactly. I like Kg's. I can tell people my weight, and they have no clue that I really weigh 152.119 lbs.  4% of 69.0 kg is 2.76 kg or 6.084758 lbs. Thank goodness for the Internet and Google - without them, it would be almost impossible for me to calculate kilograms iinto pounds!

So...  finally, this is going to be my goal weight: 66.24 kg or 146.0342 lbs!