I turn 50 next year and the idea that I will still be struggling with my weight and my bad eating habits is really depressing. I have been moderately overweight my entire adult life but since getting diagnosed with and treated for thyroid cancer 2 years ago, the weight has been steadily piling on and now I am over 200lbs and feeling hopeless. I hope that this will help me. I know that my issue is food - I enjoy exercising and have a pretty active lifestyle but I eat too much good food and definitely eat too much junk food. I have started many diets but only ever "finished" one -  a "medically supervised" weight loss program where I literally starved myself for 6 months. I finally acheived my goal weight but, as with all those unsafe, extreme methods, I gained it all back and more in short order. I hope that the accountabilty factor with DietBet makes a difference.