I have been trying to figure out how to do everthing on crutches.  I have been taking so many things for granted.  little things, like loading and unloading the dishes, or even carrying my plate to the kitchen.  I am using a backpack to carry stuff, I put my dinner all in baggies and stuck it in the back pack (the plate just didn't work).  To do the laundry basket I pick it up and throw it as far as I can, then use my crutches to get to it, then throw it again, actually a good work out.  I am keeping a pitcher of water next to me or in my bag to make sure I get the water in.  I discovered if I sit on the edge of my bed to fold clothes I can reach most of my drawers just by standing up, I can throw my hang up clothes in to my closet and then stand in the closet and hang them all at once, and I can throw the towels in the bathroom, then go in there and fold them and put them away.  It's crazy all the extra stuff, just to do a simple load of laundry.  I worked up a sweat doing it, so I kind of got a work out in.  I added some other exercises  I can do, like leg lifts and called it good.  I have been able to control my diet, it is such a hassle to get to the kitchen and fix something then get somewher to eat it that extra snacking just isn't worth the effort.  Tomorrow my goal is to figure out how to vacumn, because if I am throwing my clean laundry on the floor it needs to be clean.  Over all I am really happy with my progress, I think I can win this diet bet.  I have not gotten on the scale, going to wait until the final day and see where I am at, don't want to risk injuring myself getting on the scale without my boot when I don't need to.   I tip  my hat to those that are disabled and have to deal with these challenges every day, for the rest of their life.