Change is in the air. I am preparing to make a huge step in my life, one that is both terrifying & exciting. Have realized after several unhappy years that I am certain it is time to take control of my destiny. Throughout my life, a pattern of falling into a habit of turning myself over to another & losing myself in the process, has once again shown it's power. Habit's are incredibly powerful & it is amazing that I let my bad habits have so much authority in my life!

Isn't it my choice to be happy or not? To be healthy or not? It is not until everything falls apart that I wake up & reclaim my power. I do know this time is different, no rage, no anger, no regret. Just a knowing I am walking on the wrong path & it is time to get on a better one. Loving the fact that it is coinciding with my newly rekindled devotion to my weight loss. I mean isn't that what being an adult is all about?

It's about taking charge, of your health, your happiness & your future. And, those people who do not lift you up & elevate your spirit, my heart is telling me it is time to let them go their own way. And, I can wish good things for them as I let them go. But mostly, I can wish for good things for myself! My dreams, my goals & my desires, are just that~ mine! Today I give myself permission to stop giving myself away, & to stop dropping my personal boundaries. Today I reclaim my right to be entusiastic & joy filled. Today is a great day for change! :)))