Yes, dietbet games are focused on the number on the scale. BUT I like to believe there are more important things, and as I began to really care less about what the scale said (and focus more on other types of goals), it actually seemed to move more quickly! 

Here is a post I wrote in November from the day that I realized I was down 70 lbs: 


November 12, 2014
This morning, I weighed in for a bet and realized that I have lost 70 lbs since January. 
But rather than congratulating me on my weight, I thought I should provide you with a list of better reasons:
1- I have learned how to cook healthy, tasty meals that my family LIKES. We no longer order pizza...
2- .... BUT I have learned that food can still be enjoyed! Throughout this process, I have never "given up" chocolate, wine, popcorn, pretzels, lattes, hamburgers, macaroni and cheese etc. And I have not counted a single calorie. Not. One. 
3- I can pick up my kids and carry them around for long periods of time. Yes, sometimes both at once. 
4- I have learned to enjoy a few skills including (but not limited to,) running, kickboxing, jumping rope, push ups (!!!!!) 
5- I no longer fit in clothes that I wore in high school, they are now too big. I no longer have to shop in the plus size section, which makes me feel good. 
6- I can play with my kids and keep up. When Sophie says, "MOMMY RUN!" I can actually do it.  
7- I have seen the value in making goals and conquering them, and I will continue to do this. 
8- I have done all of the above with my kids "in tow." Sophie asks to watch me workout everyday. I am so excited for my girls to grow up loving themselves, taking care of themselves and being proud of themselves, because that is what they see ME doing. 
9- I no longer step on the scale everyday. Weight is a number. My number may be higher than yours, but I feel awesome. I am proud. I am strong. 

So if you want to congratulate me, congratulate me for that. 

Once in a while, it is nice to re-read this post when my focus shifts to the number.  I am continuing to meet (AND CRUSH) big goals - Click here to join me in my next bet, beginning APRIL 17.