Wow - after looking for pictures of heavy me and current me... I see I really have made good progress. It's sometimes hard to see or remember how far I have come in this journey until I look back at the pictures. The picture on the left is me all 'dolled-up' in 2012 - not my all time high, but... plenty high enough. The picture on the right is me feeling fit, energetic and super excited BEFORE my first 5K in 2015 :-)

I have struggled with weight since age 13! Always trying to lose weight... then gained it back. I have lost about 65 lbs from my all time high of 230 - quite an accomplishment, yes... but I still have work to do! I believe healthy eating choices have more to do with weight loss than exercise although both are important parts of the equation.

This year, I ran my first 5K! Not bad for a 55 year old woman who is definitely not been a runner before. I have my next one coming up in September. I also have set my sights on doing a 'sprint triathlon' in March '16. This will involve an 8 mi bike ride, 8 lap swim, and 5K. I still need to learn to swim but think this is a good goal for me!  DietBet has been a fun way over this past year to keep accountable and earn a little moola along the way!