Greetings Fellow DietBetters!

You may be wondering what the title of my blog post is all about.'s about something exciting that my friend Kenny & I are building that we hope you and many others will become a part of!  It's totally free and we are hoping that it will become an incredibly valuable tool to everyone who is trying to lose weight...especially those, like me, who struggle with it and can use a helping hand from others in the same situation.

First, let me give you a little background on Kenny & I so you know how this project all came about.

About 6 years ago, back in July of 2009, I was trying (very unsuccessfully) to lose weight and get into shape.  Late one night, I was searching for weight-loss blogs to see if I could find some inspiration for my lazy butt.  I came across a site called "Kenny Is Losing It".  I thought the name was interesting...with its potential double meaning and I figured that if this "Kenny" had a sense of humor, he might be just the guy to inspire me to finally lose the weight I wanted to lose.

On his blog, Kenny would make late night video blogs by the glow of his computer monitor. He had a funky little intro music that he made on his computer...and he was funny as heck!  He spoke very intelligently and he spoke openly about his struggle with weight-loss.  It felt almost as though I was looking into a mirror at myself.

I watched all of his archived videos that night and decided to drop him an email to thank him for his time & effort in his blogs and to cheer him on.  He replied and we struck up an instant friendship.  

Kenny is in Tampa, FL and I am in Prince Edward Island, Canada.  We have become best friends and talk every day..sometimes several times each day, for hours on end on Skype.  We've never met in person...but we plan to someday when one or both of us are healthy enough to get on a plane and travel to visit the other.

Kenny & I make no secrets about our weights.  I topped out at 388 pounds and Kenny's weight reached in the area of 520 pounds.  At our heaviest points, we were a combined 900+ pounds...not an accomplishment either of us are proud of..but the facts are the facts.

Over the past six years, we've each tried to lose weight on our own at different times...we both met with little success and grew frustrated and gave up each time we tried.  That brings us to our new project!

Having had very little success trying to lose weight on our own, we decided to join forces and start our weight loss journey together and as a result, our new website was born.

We truly hope that our new website takes on the feel of a community of 'people helping people' through health & sharing. It will be a chronicle of not only our journey to healthy, happy lives..bur also for anyone else who would like to share their journey on the website. We hope to build a community of others who, like us, want to get healthy & lose weight. We encourage visitors to the site to become part of the community by contributing healthy recipes, writing blog posts & joining in on the discussion...whether it be on a blog post or news article (In Other Words).  We truly want to encourage people like you to get involved and write blogs, share recipes, tell us your story and share your knowledge with others...all for the greater good.  The feeling that you get when you know you've helped someone else better their lives through your sharing.  We are more than happy to give blog space to anyone wishing to contribute and our website will also be YOUR website.  While the main faces of the website will be Kenny & I...we want it to be about everyone...not just us. 

What is important to know is that our website is NOT here to sell you anything. We may feature different products that we're using or are interested in, however, there is never going to be a sales pitch. We'll merely provide information so that you and others can make informed decisions when you want to go out and purchase products that may assist you in your weight loss journey.  For example, if I buy a cool new blender, I may post a review of it so that you know what it's like.  When you go to buy a blender, my review might help you decide if that particular blender will suit your needs.  Kenny may try a weight loss shake of some sort and review it so you'll know how it affected him and whether or not he felt it was worth the money.  It's all about sharing information honestly and without someone paying us to put a positive spin on their product.  We're not here to sell you our reviews will be 100% honest and from the heart.

Our website is called "We Can Lose It" and the "we" is the important part of that name.  "We" refers to everyone who visits our website.  "We" is about a global community of like-minded people who come together and share their knowledge, experiences and positivity with others on the same journey.  We're not looking to become the Facebook of Weight-Loss...we just want to provide a safe place for people to come to share and help each other in our weight-loss journeys.  

Our website can be found at  We'd love to have you pop over and visit us now...have a look around...comment on a blog post or two to get the discussion started...and then drop us a note and let us know if you'd like to contribute!  We can't emphasize enough that we want YOU to share and be a part of We Can Lose It in a big way!  The more people we have contributing, the better chance we have to keep updates coming constantly and a reason for everyone to come back to visit the website multiple times each day for new information!  

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We also think our website will be a perfect compliment to the DietBet experience!  You can share with others about your experiences playing DietBet and let everyone know how much fun it is!

Having said that, we think this is also a perfect time to let you know about our first "We Can Lost It 6 month Transformer challenge"!!!  We've decided to host a 6 month Transformer game on DietBet that will begin on January 1st!  We feel that, with those few extra pounds we always seem to pack on over the Christmas holiday season, we always make New Years Resolutions to diet and lose weight.  Well..what better way than to commit to losing 10% of your starting weight over a six month period?  You'll be in beach shape by the end of the game..just in time for that 4th of July celebration (or Canada Day for those of you in Canada!).  We also know that if player start signing up for our game now, the pot will begin to grow.  When the pot grows, it attracts more attention and others want to join in...which grows the pot even bigger!  With 62 days until the start date, we think that, if players start signing up today, the pot will be MASSIVE when we start on January 1st.  So please, if you feel you will be interested in doing a Transformer beginning January 1st...make the commitment TODAY and go sign up for our Transformer game.  We've set the price a little lower than the normal Transformer games.  It's only $20 per month..and if you sign up and pay the whole six months up front, you get a free month and pay only $100!  If you commit today, you're more likely to be ready to play come January 1st.  Don't wait until you've done your Christmas shopping...get yourself an early Christmas gift today by commiting to making 2016 the year you take it to a new level!  

We've registered a URL that goes directly to the signup page of our website with all the details and signup buttons for our "We Can Lost It" Transformer game to make it easier.  Visit the game page at  Please feel free to share our link with others who you feel may enjoy playing with us beginning on January 1st.

WCLI Poster

You may be saying "But said you won't be selling us anything..and now you're talking about a DietBet game on your website."  Well..that's right...we're not sellig you anything.  We're just hosting the game.  The pot goes back to the players.  We simply want to host games on a regular basis and build a great following for visitors to our website and those who choose to become a part of "We Can Lose It" by contributing recipes, blog posts, etc.

If you've read this far, congratulations!  You have a longer attention span than I do!  *LOL*  

Now..go grab yourself a healthy've earned it!  Don't forget to visit us at our We Can Lost It website linked earlier in this blog post and leave us some comments on our existing blog posts.  Also, drop us a note via the website..or here in the comments if you'd like to paritipate in the websit in any way!  We're waiting for YOU!