Everyday we have choices. Several of them!! We may wake up feeling one certain way over the other, but we have a powerful tool that can control any outcome. The mind!! How we program ourselves to think, feel, and react. It is the most powerful thing you will ever have.


Today I woke up wishing for more sleep and I even hit snooze twice. After twenty minutes of sleeping in I knew I had to face the day. I made my way through the house and woke the kids up for school, having every intention of going back to bed after I dropped them off.


Much to my surprise my youngest woke right up and was dressed within five minutes! Ready to go!! Talk about motivation. Momma had to get in gear really quick. Suddenly, like magic I started thinking about all the things I wanted to accomplish today.


The rest was a breeze after that. The power of a motivated mind is intense and it only took a few minutes to change my attitude. 


You really can control the day!