As a mom the most integral part of household management comes down to meal planning.  Meal planning is the epicenter of all that we do as a family. You control your family's budget (seriously cannot emphasize this enough) and your family's health when you plan your meals ahead of time.  A weekly menu is most effective because the vast majority of us already divide our time in weekly sections.

I write up the weekly menu every Thursday night (ha ha okay sometimes I half-ass it Saturday morning while drinking coffee and wrangling two toddlers) keeping it in tune with our family's activities the following week.  We grocery shop at several different stores (hello ethnic markets) and usually end up making a second trip during the week for something we've forgotten (hello baby brain) but 90% of our grocery shopping is done one day a week.  This saves a ton of time during busy days and time is often the difference between cooking and takeout (because it sure isn't money).

Sounds simple.  Where is the magic?  The magic is that this one simple thing - however you do it, and whatever kind of meals you plan - permeates every other aspect of your family's well-being.  Finding yourself stressed and needing to leave the house five minutes ago some mornings (or every morning)?  A packed lunch box for everyone made ahead means you won't be tempted to compromise quality and value for something easy and quick.  Coming home with about twenty-five minutes (or less) to get food onto the table before there is a full-scale mutiny?  Prepping larger meals with leftovers saves time cooking and cleaning the next day.

It can be an adjustment at first.  But over time, all of those extra homemade meals will have an immeasurable impact on your family's health and well-being.