I’m posting late because this game has been on my mind all day!

There are so many cool things we can do here…and I’m testing out the blog post function for the first time. The sticky notes on the main page have a 1000 character limit and I simply have too much on my mind today…

This will be my 10th game hosting I think, and I’ve fallen into a pattern that I think works fairly well.

But I tell you what…December is not like any other month. Temptations that come along once a month will likely come along every day! Plus, it is a month of celebration and shouldn’t be about deprivation... right? 

For us to win at this, we’re really going to have to stay present (ha ha) and focus on the big picture to help make these daily decisions easier and more fulfilling. 

I plan to post daily tid-bits like always – some thought provoking some tactical, as you will need both this month more than ever.  I also do a pretty good job keeping up on your comments and questions.

This month, I challenge you all to do the same. Be present and post every day. Stay engaged. Share your wins, challenges, answer questions, post blogs…just stay involved in whatever way you like. Even if you’re very private and don’t like to share…still come here and “like” others to show your support and commitment to this shared goal.

We’re like an army right now preparing to go to battle and we’re going to need each other to get through this happy and healthy. If you check out for days at a time, the farther you get away from your focus the easier it will be to slip and feel guilty about it…bad-bad

Day 1 & 2 Questions are about engagement and commitment.

This might be the most important post of the game so I’m leaving it for 2 days:

  1. How will you stay engaged in this game and committed to this goal (.01% of your time)?
  2. How will you stay present while away from the computer (99.9% of your time)? What will you say to yourself  (your mantra) when you’re staring at that extra and unnecessary “treat?” What can you say aloud, write on a sticky note or simply think to yourself at times of need?

Craft your mantra to be meaningful to you and read others for additional inspiration.

Final thoughts…

Indulgences will happen but it does not mean we can’t still find success. Together, we can do this and we can ring in 2015 happier and healthier than ever before. We will Eat. Drink & be Skinny (healthy, fit, sassy and strong)! 

Are you with me? Let’s DO this!

--Teresa Marie