Why is Water is Important? First, water is our life sourse; it fuels our internal organs,allowing them to function with vitality and spirit. Water makes up 60% of our body weight.its flushes toxins out of our vital organs, carries nutrients to our cells, and provides a moist environment for the tissues in our ears, nose and throat.

Throughtout the day, our bodies lose water in different ways, including sweating and even breathing. its is important,therefore, to replace that water to keep the body fully hydrated.



  • Drink 9 (8-ounce) cup a day.
    < Since you will be exercising, add a cup or two to replenish the sweat you lose.

    < Drink 1 cup of water at the beginning and 1 cup at the end of each day.

    < In the morning, your body wakes up after 8hrs (if you're sleeping enough) without   water entering its system. Your body needs that water ASAP! Revitalize those organs-awaken them and freshen them with a tall glass.

    < In the evinging-awaken them and freshen themwith a tall glass.

  • Keep a large quart bottle of water (32-ounces/4cups) with you throughtout the day so you can easily track how much you are drinking.(That means you need to fill the bottle twice!)

  • Flavor your water: add natural flavoring to enhance the water-drinking experience.Eample: try sliced cucumber, lemon, ginger, lime, fresh strawberries.
    < Replace your sodas NOW!
    < Lemon detoxifies, flushes out your system, aids in digestion! Because of its vitamin C and antioxidant properties, its even helps clear your skin, so freely add it to your H2O.

    *Drink your quarts of water daisy and your internal organs, skin, hair, nails and energy levels will live happily ever after (drink clean your system). 

    < Vitamin C-Found in blueberries, kiwis, lemons, grapefruit, oranges, tomatoes, strawberries, peppers, pomegranate, bruessels sprouts.