I am in awe of how Oprah continues to take her game to a new level - she is actually getting paid to lose weight and tell others?  G E N I U S - but then again, so simple.  I've gained a ton of weight over the last year- most likely hormonal.  Then again, I'm not as active as I used to be AND I eat without restraint.  Never thought I would be at my pregnancy weight without being pregnant.  

Something has got to give, and hating on Oprah is not going to solve my pound problem.  I had been considering the WW program because I know I need accountability.  But the idea of helping O get richer just rubs me.  Obviously I am just a hater!  Fortunately, I have a few friends that have inspired me to finally do something and one told me about the DietBet website.  

I'm looking forward to the challenge and hoping to find strength in numbers here.  

I'm filing this as a Success Story as I am finally doing something about the weight gain.

Looking forward to Feb 1 as the start of the Best Life Challenge, but I am starting today!

Blessings on your journey!


P.S. - I don't really hate O.....I love to see people happy and succeeding!