The first time I did a DietBet was in autumn 2014. I was overweight (as per usual) and heading to a friend's wedding in December. Plus Hannah & Olivia of Biggest Loser 11 were hosting and I was a fan! In addition I had just completed a successful Whole30 - honestly I was ready for this wasn't I? 

Apparently not... I think I engaged for like the first week of the Dietbet... and then had the best of intentions. But zero follow through. I lost the bet and my money and I was disappointed in myself. Ever one to be tempted by sunk-cost fallacy I signed up immediately for the next in their series of Dietbets, thinking maybe I could go double or nothing. I don't think I even tried for a week. I took my licks and went home. I clearly wasn't ready to commit yet. 

Fast forward through 2015. I reached both my lowest weight in 2 years and my highest weight ever. (A very unhealthy 30 pound spread.) Something clicked. For Christmas my husband and I got a treadmill, a jawbone UP3, and a Withings Smart Scale. I started tracking my calories with MyFitnessPal. My goal in those last two weeks of December was not to lose weight it was just to develop habits. Get on the treadmill daily, hit 10,000 steps daily, log all the calories, whatever they were. 

On January 1st I started a Whole30. By the time I was ready to try DietBet again I'd lost a little over 10 pounds. I felt so good I joined three kickstarters and a transformer! Somehow I knew, I KNEW that this time I wouldn't lose. Over the past few days the 3 KickStarters have all ended and I won all of them. I know I'm good to go for my transformer weigh-in this weekend.

I'm so proud of myself, I still have a lot to learn, a lot of weight to lose, and a lot of fears to deal with, but I'm so proud that I now have a winning average. Hannah & Olivia have another kickstarter coming up in a few days and I joined it. I am currently the weight I was when I first started with DietBet and their bet in particular. I'm about to get the opportunity to win the bet I made against myself a year and a half ago. I hope I do it. I think I can.