I just got approved for my 4th dietbet game a few moments ago. I love before and afters whether that's seeing the before and after of an edit I made on a photo, before and after of a home reno, or before and after (or really, a before/during) of my weight loss journey. I have done 3 one month games and lost during my 2nd due to ending right after my husband and I's anniversary trip. Today I'm doing my first 6 month game and I'm so excited! I decided to throw my first dietbet full body image (April 9, 2017) up next to my most recent one (today! July 9, 2017.)  Since today marked 3 months exactly since I started my diet bet I wanted to see if i could notice any changes. I did. I noticed one a change in one of my insecure areas, my arms. I could cry. Though it's not a huge change, it's change, positive change. Though I'm not where I want to be yet, seeing this gives me so much motivation to keep going! 

What non-scale victory has been the most exciting or maybe shocking to you?