Two years and 8 months ago I joined DB and I never would have guessed it was the start of a completely new life. I was fortunate to have a specific combination of education, experience, and access to research, as well as a 20+ year history of freedom from standard diet dogmas. But it wasn't enough. Like everyone, I had forces in my life that were holding me back. Joining DB was a way of getting a couple of those forces under control. And it worked!

I was feeling so heavy and miserable. Looking at my before and after, my face says it all. I was uncomfortable in my own skin, and I had a growing list of health complaints. I was fed up. I got mad.

When I started, I figured that at my middle-age, I would be lucky to lose 20 pounds. I had an in-my-wildest-dreams goal but never really believed I would be able to get there. To my complete surprise, I shot right past my goal and kept losing. I went from shopping plus sizes to XS. And yes, I went shopping! I'm still shopping!  

I'm a foodie. I used to post my recipes here before I created my own food blog. People in bets would actually accuse me of trying to sabotage them with all my high cal, high fat food. They didn't believe I was losing weight while eating this indulgent, decadent way. 

I recovered easily from vacations and family visits. I ultimately arrived at a weight I had not seen since before high school and stayed there. I'm still in shock that my body has decided that this is my new set point and it keeps me here. I don't have to work at it. If I have a week or two of booze-and-sugar gluttony with family or friends, it all just corrects itself within 2-3 days afterwards. It is so freeing to be effortlessly healthy and energetic and at a normalized weight, while eating like the total food-pig that I am and exercising a small fraction of what I used to.    

I know I was lucky to have access to knowledge that most people do not. I am paying it forward. I became a certified health coach in 2016. I now help people with BMI 35+ to avoid bariatric surgery, lose the weight naturally, and reclaim their health.