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How do you verify the weight loss?

For all official weigh-ins, you'll be prompted to submit your official starting weight. Our standard weigh-in process involves you submitting 2 photos: one of you standing on a scale in lightweight clothing (no shoes, hats, belts, watches, coats, or outerwear), and another of the scale’s readout with your weigh-in word written on a piece of paper.

What you'll need

  • A scale (preferably digital)
  • A digital camera or smartphone
  • A full-length mirror or someone to take your photo
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  2. How we prevent cheating +

Does this actually work?

Out of 868,087 DietBetters, 98.71% have lost weight during their challenges. Combined, they've lost 15,680,294 lbs and won $62,263,235. In other words...yes.

All results shown on DietBet are from actual users. Individual results may vary.

Don't take our word for it

Jenn and Kandice

08/02/2018 8:19PM
  • We had 172 Winners and lost 1,963 lbs.!!! That's amazing work you guys!!! Thank you to everyone for joining this game and making it amazing! Please email me if you have any comments or questions at jkdietbet@gmail.com. I hope you all continue to find success! And no matter what, remember to just keep going!

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Jenn and Kandice

08/01/2018 10:20PM
  • A lot of you made your goal weight and that's amazing! Wonderful job to all our winners! But even if you didn't quite make it, you all are still winners! You guys are trying to make a change in your life for the better and that's always a win! There are so many non-scale victories. Try to focus on all your wins, no matter how big or small, it really helps to stay excited and motivated. Are there any victories you guys had this last month that you would like to share with us, scale related or not? Thanks guys, this really has been an awesome game!!!

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Cool thanks! For some reason it’s not showing on my app but I can see it on my laptop:) well done everyone!

Jenn and Kandice

Great job you guys!!!!


08/01/2018 10:37AM
CRAZY month, working and studying, migraines. I wasn't as focused as I needed to be and was sure I'd be over this morning. I can't believe I made it! Next challenge I'm going to stay on the ball.

Jenn and Kandice

So sorry this month was such a difficult one for you Jules, but way to make! Awesome job!


08/01/2018 8:25AM - via iPhone
Verified:) congratulations everyone who got through the month, it’s been tough with it being summer and all the festivities! Remember it’s wiorth the effort and feel proud of yourself even if you didn’t quite reach goal xx

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Jenn and Kandice

Thanks for the motivation Jet! Awesome job! Way to push it to the end!

sandra t.

08/01/2018 7:51AM - via iPhone
Nothing is as exciting as getting the message that your weight has been verified and you are a winner!

Kat , Jenn and Kandice and like this comment.

Jenn and Kandice

So awesome, great work Sandra! So happy for you!

Shannon R.

08/01/2018 7:44AM - via iPhone
Uuugggghhhhh!!! I’m still over by a pound!!! How can I lose a pound by midnight?!? Lol

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Jenn and Kandice

Sweat a lot, and go #1 a lot. I hope you can make it Shannon, but if not, you did amazing! Only 1 pound away is still huge progress, wonderful job!!!

Joyce W.

08/01/2018 7:40AM
I made it with .2kgs to spare! I weighed in yesterday because I was headed to a bday work out at night for a good friend and knew there would be cake after and I didn't want to risk it, but discovered two things: 1) after eating a small slice of cake, though delicious, it made me feel sick! and 2) the scale was even lower this morning! lol

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Jenn and Kandice

Awesome job Joyce! So happy for you! Great work!

Jeanette T.

08/01/2018 7:16AM
  • Isn't that the truth? So happy to be .3 under my goal for this one - feel like I'm finally getting back on track after losing my brother in April and having a very hectic couple of months.

Jenn and Kandice

I'm so sorry for your loss Jeanette! Thank you for all the motivation and amazing quotes! They add so much to these games! You're doing amazing, great job on meeting your goal!


08/01/2018 5:21AM
Well while I await verification I am sat here considering what next! I am only 0.2 lbs above goal, I found this one a struggle and I know I don't need to lose 4% right now. I remember reading that maintainers are possible here. How do I get on one of those?

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OK I have found out about them but the current maintainer is closed to new people. I think it's still in testing so I will keep a lookout for new maintainers.

Jenn and Kandice

Great job Jet! You're doing awesome! A maintainer is a great idea, I wish you the continued best!

Valerie D.

08/01/2018 5:05AM - via iPhone
Omg! 79.6 lbs GONE thru DietBet & no sugar/no flour!!! It works, my friends....it works! Slow & steady wins 🐢🐢🐢

Jenn and Kandice , MamawChristy and like this comment.

Jenn and Kandice

Woohoo! Awesome progress! That's amazing Valerie! Great job! Thank you for the motivation!

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